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Hello! I'm Davi, or AutiOne as majorly known by people from the Internet.

I'm an autist who managed to get their hyperfocus into technology stuff and eventually started programming and designing because the kiddo is so curious that self-taught them into doing these.

I'm brazilian, and therefore a native Portuguese speaker. Although, I can speak, listen, read and write English decently enough.

Also, if you still haven't noticed, the "Auti" part in my name stands for my autism condition. This name was chosen while I was looking for a new domain and I found the .one TLD and just though that'd be cool with Auti, then boom, AutiOne.


Consider this being some sort of blog, where I post ocasional thoughts and random stuff!

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It's that day on May!A day on May could be called a May day?
  • calendar_monthMay 1, 2023
  • schedule11:42 PM
  • visibility28 views
📦v7.2.3 is out, though with nothing much on it
  • calendar_monthMar 14, 2023
  • schedule04:14 PM
  • visibility136 views
  • calendar_monthMar 1, 2023
  • schedule10:30 PM
  • visibility98 views
February!Fortunately I'm not dead, so I can post this!
  • calendar_monthFeb 1, 2023
  • schedule08:32 PM
  • visibility60 views
Weeee, site update.It's not that much of a big deal though.
  • calendar_monthJan 6, 2023
  • schedule07:12 PM
  • visibility125 views
Hello, world! Again.For the seventh time.
  • calendar_monthDec 31, 2022
  • schedule02:00 AM
  • visibility124 views

Check out my fellow programmer and artist friends. They're nice people and are quite into some subjects I'm also experienced at.

Appearance order doesn't have any meaning here. You're all amazing!

Marcus znepbrolecoster!!!1!!1! 😀🎢👍😀👍😀🎢
Daniel pjalsAverage non-free fan vs. average libre/GNU enjoyer🄯
A note on Daniel by AutiOne
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pjals has been gone for a while, a few days before went down on March 2023. Even though he had an account on, pjals also did not appear there, being it through Matrix, Pleroma or any other offered communication service.

Other users from have also asked about pjals and none of them did really know what was going on with him.

I also analyzed activity on some MineTest servers he'd visit from time to time, his webpages and other conversation channels, but I haven't really found anything.

My last signal from pjals was from around 50 to 60 days ago (as of May 14, 2023), and since he has manifested no activity anywhere else, I think he just might be gone.

While he has went "missing" before during similar periods, it was simple inactivity in some places. When he vanished from Discord, I could still reach him on other places, such as GitHub, IRC and WSChat. After some time, we settled on Matrix, but now he has not shown up anywhere, and I have a feeling that this time it's different.

In any case, my point with this note is just to let you know that I no longer have contact with him because of this disappearance, but I do hope he comes back eventually, even though we had some conflicts (specially related to libre stuff 😅), I valued him a lot and he was still a really nice friend for me.

At least, I got to be his friend.

pjals has came back a few days after finally got back up. I didn't manage to talk to him yet, as he had to go quite quickly after coming online, but I was really happy about it. He seems to be doing fine.

Mintyhaha programmingn't
Emma EmmaKnijnuhhhhhhhhhhhh
LeoroyX Leoroy63Huge Czerny fan + Tapsonic TOP is cool

Content and opinions shown might not be, and most likely are not belonging or linked to me. Agreement or endorsement is not necessarily applied, although, they're still nice people.


This is for you who is looking for a portfolio of some sorts regarding my previous works, or for you who is curious to see what this very dissimilar person has done of good throughout their existence, or for you who is either both or none of these.

My projects aren't that popular, so it's likely you haven't seem any of these before, but who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Of course that, any programmer out there will have a bazillion dead projects, being them just for experimentation, or an idea that ended up not taking off, and I'm no exception for that.

I have way more than just these projects, but the ones listed are the ones I considered being my favorites and most well worked on.


If something on this site got you interested in what I do, or you want to stalk me, below you'll have my most used social media accounts and ways to get in touch with me. Beware of randomness.

Click a card to visit the page.

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As pretty much any other person you might know, I also have my interests. While most people won't care, I find it nice to have that here.


You are on v7.3.0, and the main changes on this version were:

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