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February!Fortunately I'm not dead, so I can post this!
  • calendar_month1 Feb 2023
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This post is simply an "alive-check" for the site. I just felt like posting something, but I didn't really know what to write though.

My idea is to, make a list of my favorite songs for the month and post it occasionally, and who would've thought? I've just done that for January, I just didn't think of posting it.

Over January, I was just being very active and energic, like WOOOOOO!!!, but as the month goes ending, you can notice by the last tracks I've been transitioning into more emotional tunes.

Also for February, following up the fade from January, the songs from this month are more chill and soft. I don't really know why I'd go more for this style, but the songs are still very nice.

I will try to make and publish a new playlist of these monthly, usually around the first day of each month. In any case, it's what I have for today. Nothing very special, but at least it's content for the site and I had some fun writing this.

Have a nice day :)